Rebirth of a Queen Safe House

Our Safehouse offers a 24/7 emergency, temporary and long term space for survivors of sexual and gender based violence to find a home away from the enviornment that has caused them pain. We co-create with the girls and young women who come to the safehouse to have an environment that will grow with them beyond pain and conquer with love.
Our target age is 10 to 23 years. Our safehouse has been in operations from June 2020 and the operations have been made possible by well-wishers, friends and a community that believes in rising from ashes. Our doors are never locked! You are invited to be part of this community.

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We provide formal and informal holistic education to vulnerable groups at the safehouse and the community. Out intention is to continue providing education to the vulnerable in the society and champion for equality in access to education.

Rebirth of a Queen runs an awareness program in schools and communities on:

  1. Mental Wellness
  2. Menstrual Hygiene and Sanitation.
  3. Talent Development.

This is a program that targets young women, girls and survivors to access skills that can help them in job marketing Some of the skills we offer are fashion design. The empowerment program is to champion dignified and fulfilling work to young women to thrive and be part of the decision makers in the economic empowerment space.