About Us

About Us

Rebirth of a Queen is a community based initiative that aims to mentor, empower and sustain a survivor through sustainable development programs.

We believe that girls and young women deserve our collective support to overcome challenges and obstacles they encounter in their homes and communities.

Who Are We

We are community based organization aiming to mentor, empower and support survivors of gender based violence through sustainable solutions.  Our objective is offer a safe space that will offer a holistic growth in the healing journey of a survivor and empowerment to teenagers and children.

Our Vision

We believe that every survivor deserves a life of dignity with equal access to safety, healing, education, and economic prosperity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect, educate, empower and walk with a survivor through a holistic healing journey by creating sustainable solutions and enable them realize humanity potentials through networking and linkages.


We believe in the spirit of growth, because each day is a process of rebirth. Some of our plans include:-

Parcel of Land

Buying our permanent land and building a bigger complex where we'll have a safe house, hospital and a school.


Getting a rescue car to ease transportation and prevent exposure of survivors


Establish partnership with corporates, organizations and schools for networking, internship and job opportunities for our beneficiaries and grow our network.

Get Involved

Rebirth of a Queen depends on the support of well-wishers, supporters and volunteers like you. 

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